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Then, Venkatapatiraja, the younger brother of Srlraiiga-
raya, having ascended the Jewelled-throne both at Penugonda
and Candragiri, was rnling the kingdom. Gropalaraja streng-
thened the fortifications of Kandauavolu, and became powerful.
Nandyala Krsnamaraja was ruling at Naudyala.

Krsnamaraja who was governing Nandyala rebelled against
Venkatapatiraya, who consequently marched on the fort of
Nandyala with an army accompanied by the Hande chief and
Matla Ellamaraja Devacoda Maharaja, and laid siege to it.
Krsnamaraja met Venkatapatiraya by means of the good
services of Ellamaraja (and made peace with him), Venkata-
patiraya carried away Krsnamaraja with him to Candragiri and
annexed his territory.

This fact is mentioned in the JcaviU of Perusomala in the
Koilakuntla taluka. The date is said to be S.S. 1520 Vilambi
(A.D. 1598).

Kaifiyat of Ka«.dano,i>nv. : L.R. 16, pp. 496, 499.

While Nandyala Sri Krsnamaraja was ruling at the fort of
Nandyala, Vira Venkatapatideva Haharaya marched with his
army from Gandragiri in S.S* 1520 Hevijambi, and having
secured the support of Hande Devappa Nayaiju, and other
manne samantas laid siege to the fort of Nandyala, He fought
with the defenders for some time and captured it. In Vilambi
he entrusted a portion of the territory to Devappa Nayaka.
At that time, owing to the absence of proper government, many
holders of the agraharas migrated to otber parts of the country,
as the conditions of agraharas were not properly maintained.

Kaifiyat of Alavak<mda • L.R. 8, p. 23.

213(a).   NANBYALA
When Venkatapatidevaraya, having ascended the throne
in Penugonda and Candragiri, was ruling the kingdom,
defeated Nandyala Krsnamaraja in the battle